Slide Design: Adidas Ad

This Slide Design has taken me a long time to create with the help of critiques and a little re-constructing, I feel that my final design is better than  its first draft.

So lets us take a closer look

Target Audience Analysis

My audience include those individuals either single, married or in a relationship. They are frequent runners, or athletes, that are interested in purchasing a new pair of authentic kicks. I used this design as a simple way to increase consumer purchase on the idea that these shoes will give an opportunity to be lifted.

Design Analysis

I used the grey scale to ease the color scheme and not go off the rail. I included the maroon because this color adds a bit of contrast with the background and as well as on top of the photos. I used triangles to mirror the Adidas logo, in a way to show similarity between each slide.

(Photo taken by Emre Karatas)

For the new Ad I went to to find an image that could send the same message but also had Adidas product in the image. The image was taken by Emre Karatas, and I redeveloped it through Photoshop, illustrator, and in-design.

THIS IS ad campaign

The design above was constructed in perhaps a much similar way to the original ad. Although the picture is different, I was able to create both logos on illustrator which appear at bottom of the image. I took Myriad variable concept typography to act as a similar text as the original, but with a different word base. In the beginning it was very difficult to find a way that the white text would become visible on the the bright background. So I created a black rectangle that I could put over top the image, then I would lower to the opacity to make it a better contrast for the text.

LOGOS below:


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